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Where do the ducks go in winter?

Where do the ducks go in winter?
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I'm an unrepentant geek who lives in Atlanta, Georgia with my husband, David, and five cats: Gypsy, Saffire, Nemo, Lazuli, and Millie, and a marine aquarium with a lion fish, a sail fin tang, and a rabbit fish. I love stories of all kinds, and get them through reading, movies, theater, and music. I enjoy science fiction, fantasy, horror, mysteries, and fairytales. I also enjoy roleplaying games, both tabletop and LARP.

By profession I'm a health researcher, and also a caregiver to family members with sideroblastic anemia. We lost my brother Paul to this illness on 7/20/2008. My life has been very much affected by their illnesses as well as my own career in public health. In addition, the health of my parents, particularly my mother, has been a challenge as time has gone on.

My journal is Friends Only but please feel free to comment if you want to be included-- I'm pretty easy about adding people to my friend's list. I periodically trim my friend's list and remove people who have not posted in a long time, who have friends only journals on which I am not included, or who include mostly memes. You're welcome to ask to be included again on my friends list if I removed you. People tell me that the number of people and initials in my journal confuse them. Fair enough-- you can find out who's who in the dramatis personae memory that I will update periodically. I do have contact information provided privately at the beginning of this journal that could be accessed by LJ staff in case of an emergency. (My bio was last updated on 12/29/08; Dramatis personae memory last updated 04/13/07.)

Drop me a line if you like-- I'm glad to meet you!

(My friends-only banner and icon was created by lecollege; artwork by Julie Morstad.)

Bisexuality is Real.

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Date Created:7/22/2001
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Leduck is an unrepentant geek, and a little eccentric, but mostly harmless.
Strengths: Smart, whimsical, mostly kind.
Weaknesses: Has a temper, impatient, and a very cranky duck when hungry.
Special Skills: Can make LARP gear, and can leap over research projects in a single bound.
Weapons: A sharp tongue.

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